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EU5 Modded Invade and Annex server

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so i see that the EU5 servers has been made into a Invade and Annex server but whit modded maps.


it could be nice if we could Arma 2/Arma 2 OA weapons and vehicles on the server. 


i have spoken to some admins about it and they told me that the server would just turn into EU3.


but how cool could it to use Mods on Invade and Annex servers.


so there will be an Invade and Annex server whitout mods EU1 and then then one whit mods EU5


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Well EU 3 uses a lot more than just weapon/vehicle mods such as Tfar and Ace, and though I like Tfar, I hate the medical system on EU3 so will never play there.

So your idea isn't the same as EU3 and I'm in favour. However maybe see how popular the Chernarus map is first. It's a fair bit of work at a guess and it'd be silly to waste the devs time if it doesn't take off.

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@Gamerbug - why do you hate the advanced medical system?  Apart from the walking damage "feature", that is.



Never really cared for overly realistic medic systems (odd I know as I enjoy being a medic), but I just want to do my bit patch them up and move on, having to know how many of bandage A with how many of morphine B and what does what just drags it on a bit.

Even Shacktac seems to use the most basic of medic systems for speed and ease; though they don't have a revive script and I do enjoy the revive feature for feeling of getting to that downed comrade among incoming fire and other danger to get them back on their feet and in the fight.

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