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Porting Euro Truck Simulator 2 to a different market

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heyo, Bomer here! (I'm a regular from the ARMA division.)


I require help from the community with my game design studies!

we have to translate Euro Truck Simulator 2 from the current European market focused to a non-European market.

This means that we have to analyse the current target group(the Germanic people) to see what makes these people appeal to the game.

I'll be asking these people several questions regarding their experience with the game and present these to my fellow students as well as my teachers.

I need people from a Germanic culture(Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and Scandinavian countries).

For the people that would like to help and don't mind being interviewed please put your name down here and tell me when you are available and how I can contact you!

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Name: PiranhA.

When available: depends on work.

How to contact: Phone, Email, This forum (questionlist down here or the messenger), Fax, Mail, Mailpigeon, Smokesignals.

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