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Random IED script for EU3

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 I dont know if this Topic has been already been discussed on the Forums if so i couldn't find it in the Forums.


I was just strolling through armaholic and i found this Script for random IEDs. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23995
I don't know if it would be easy or hard or even possible to implement this script, but if it would be possible i Personally would love to see it on the EU3 server.
Because it would make Convoy missions more interesting.
Because you would have to bee way more alert when moving around the map.
What are your opinions?
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I've been working on a few missions, and have looked at systems like COS (Civilian Occupation System) and DAC (Dynamic AI Creator).  They all work with triggers, and when triggers run a script, that's what affects performance. In the case of COS and DAC (yes, I'm getting to the point re the IEDs) they continuously re-spawn new units when players walk into new zones, which is what creates stutters and lags.  In this IED script, all the IEDs are created at the beginning of the mission, so there shouldn't be any effect on performance after the IEDs are spawned.


As for whether it's an old script or not, DAC has been working off the same code base since 2010, while this IED script is from 2014.  I don't think ARMA code changes very much, so if it worked then, it should work now.


I'd vote to use it, but I have this feeling that work on Gauntlet has come to a standstill now that Kenny is on to Valiant.



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My opinion on IEDs is: I would like to have them in the Gauntlet, once vehicle repair in the field is possible.


I also coincide with TheToxicPixels, that it would probably create a lot of frustration.


On the other hand it might be just the same frustration as the frustration of the ground troops relying on the pilots for transport, unwilling or incapable of driving a ground vehicle from one end of the map to the other without crashing it.

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+1 to ToxicPixels for the IED defuse mission... would be cool to have maybe 3 or so placed on main roads around a larger city, with an AA base nearby overlooking the city as a secondary objective to clear (placed to encourage ground vehicle transport to AO). Then maybe a defend once completed?

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I would say if there are going to be mines or IEDs you would have to have some cue that they are around.  At least a tag in the mission briefing that says "warning! IEDs are in the area." That way people know to look for them.  I know it -should- be a given, but because IEDs are not a thing right now, it will suck to be the first one to die from them.


I think it would be a neat touch, just that they would have to be carefully integrated.



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