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Hey guys EU1


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Hi Pwilk69,


I have a few things you can help me with:


- My car needs a cleanup (inside and outside)

- I want to buy a second house in Hawai but cant get the funds

- Last season my batting was a bit poor, maybe you can help me with batting practise

- I have the ambition to drive in F1 next to max verstappen, can you fix me a seat?


You dont have to fix it all in the same time,


Thanks in advance.

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Welcome - ignore the fishy requests,we just try to teach him behaviour as guard-fish,but looks he even fails this easy task


Id like to help out in anyway I can. Where can I start?


Try shaving yourself or find a better user picture  :blink:

Also,when playing EU1 - try to stay away from the clown!

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Just wanted to say I&A is safe to say my "home" for Arma. Been loving it since day 1 thanks to Leutin's videos.

To those who might have seen me, my in game name is Stephen. I know yall all looking for help on some servers.

Id like to help out in anyway I can. Where can I start?



Put something other than 69 at the end of your username.

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I'm not sure, TheToxicPixels.


With regard to OP's original question:


Mr PWilk69, you really seem to be having the mad game.


You might want to have a look at EU#3.


When the respected gentlemen from EU#1 have misread your team oriented approach and you're looking for the more serious and more TACTICAL gameplay, it might be worth a second look, for example by reviewing the material on EU#3 by Mr Luetin.


However, if they didn't misread it and in fact you're wondering where to put the explosives, I rather suggest you keep staying in the hardschool of EU#1 for a while, until you have found yourself. You can be sure to be welcome and I will remember your name when I see you on the server.


Here is on how to get the mods needed for EU#3:



Here is what you need to get started on EU#3:

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