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Hello my name is Gabriel I'm from Romania,I;m 31 years old and great fan of Arma 3.I'm very new to this game but it sims I can't get enough of this game.I'm a ex military guy so I have some experiance dealing wiht guns and military strategy and following rulles.Sorry for bad english

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Welcome Gabriel, as Toxic has posted above if you like to play a bit more tactically then join us on  EU#3 Its a seriously modded server and IMO give some really cool game play, look forward to seeing you on the servers!

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Yes, greetings from me, as well.


As TheToxicPixels and Rave have already pointed out, please check out the EU#3 server.


Even though some effort is involved on your side in getting your Arma 3 setup and your Teamspeak setup ready for it - see the URLs posted from TheToxicPixels for the guides on how to do this - I think it might be worth a look, because of the rules established for this server.


For example one technical rule is: on EU#3 it's required to have Teamspeak and be using it, when playing on it. TFAR, the Arma 3 Mod contained in the AhoyWorld Modded modset and interface to Teamspeak, will then give you in-game radio and direct communication in the battlefield, which the vanilla game is lacking completely.


This can enable to use strategies and even shorter term tactics in the gameplay for coordination with other players in the battlefield, because you can rely on the fact every other player will have at least one personal radio on him at all times and eventually - even will know how to use it.


The gun simulations involved in EU#3 are quite different and more diverse to those found in the vanilla game as well. With regard to your already existing experience, these are some more reasons to follow the hints TheToxicPixels and Rave already gave you. EU#3 also has a medical simulation that is different to vanilla and more complex.


If you enjoy reading the links given and plan to have a closer look at EU#3, here are some more links, specific for EU#3, which document the other rules existing for EU#3 and organizational matters that become relevant once you're logging in to it for the first time..





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