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DCS: 21/11/15: 1700UTC - Operation Interdiction


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Following our retreat at Krymsk we've learnt of a red supply route that must be cut. High value targets for this operation will involve several convoys that are mobilising at 1700UTC.


As usual I'd like you chaps to post your interest, what aircraft you'd like to fly and if you have any ideas for the plan then feel free.



Primary Objective - Find the convoy(s) and inflict as much damage on them as possible

Secondary Objective - Destroy the small BUK site at Krymsk air base, secure airspace and maintain air superiority




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Overall a great sortie. Our primary objective of disrupting the enemy supply lines was a success and that will affect our next mission of actually retaking the airbase.  


Svoyy did a great job of suppressing enemy air defence allowing us to keep air superiority, it turns out intelligence was wrong about enemy aircraft, in fact our air cover had literally no trouble keeping the skies on our control, (sorry for the error in intel! i hope you had fun anyway:) )


As my first actual functional night operation I found the buddy lasing system on the A10 a triumph in difficult conditions, I was able to have my flight (charcoal) ride the IR+LSR pointer all the way to the target, of course keeping my flight as safe as possible was my concern so I  took out the shilka's but I didn't expect retivis's maverick to land on Christiansen. We heard the call "rifle" over the radio (A term used when a friendly fires a maverick, this is important for those equipped with missile warning systems) Then poof! the maverick actually ended up slaughtering Chris.  In fact a common theme throughout was friendly fire and I'm wondering if you guys have any ideas on how to remedy this?


Sozio brought a halt to the second convoy and after wiping them out we went home.


Great job everyone, sack the mission editor (I'll do better next time, i promise) and watch the friendly fire!


Next event will be a fly in, then we continue back with this campaign. Thanks to all those who participated

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for next flight since we be going all casual and stuff


we should try Aries Radio http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=104800


It's like TFAR in Arma, but uses the cockpit radios of all / most the aircraft in DCS,

and it shows what frequencies people are using on their description pane in TS, so everyone can  have their own group and can switch between easily 


it also has range degradation of the radio sound and a few effects, can be tunes to clarity and affect distance etc in TS plugin setting

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