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Banned 11/11/2015 - Kevin


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Which administrator banned you:

zissou ( teamspeak name, didn't catch his in-game name.)


When were you banned?*:

11/11/2015 19:00 (roughly)


In game Name: Kevin


Why do you think you were banned?: 


To Whom it may concern,


Unfortunately I was mistakenly banned from ahoy EU1 server this evening :(


This evening I joined the server and was playing in the tank.

To cut a long story short I was driving a tank when the user 'mikko' ( Who I do not know) got into the commader seat and started shooting at our own players who were about 500 meters in front of the tank.

I told mikko in vehicle chat he was shooting our own guys.. he got kicked by an admin then... ( I dont think he meant too since before he was kicked he was like 'oh crap I didnt mean too')


Anyway after this I could see a helicopter coming in to land near me so I drove to the heli to provide support for the ground troops.

I then started to drive towards the objective when a ground unit started to run to his left. He clipped the rear of my tank causing himself to get 'crushed' by my tank.

I in no way meant for this to happen and was not aiming for him. Please also note it was dark and using NVGs.


I stopped ,my tank to cover the injured ground unit with my tank  in the hope that a medic would come and heal him.

Unfortunately the enemy AI jet blew me up.


At this point I was dying for a cup of tea (I am Irish  :) and we love our tea) so I disconnected and left for about 10 minutes.

I then came back and decided to start playing again.

I logged in and want to drive the tank again so I made my way to the tank and got in.


At this point an admin typed in chat that If I did not respond that I would be banned.

I was really confused. :unsure:

I asked why I would be banned but didn't get a straight answer ( at this point i didn't think the issue that happened before I logged off was anything to do with this and it didnt cross my mind)

I asked in chat why and what have I done but not real answer ..then I was banned. :(


I was very angry as I thought maybe I was mistaken for another user called Kevin or perhaps the admin was confused..


I then joined teamspeak in the hope to resolve the issue fast. While in teamspeak zissou explained that I had team killed and he said I team killed and that I logged off straight away to avoid a ban... This was in no way my intentions.

I would like too add that what happened with the  injured ground unit happens allot in the game by mistakes..and I would have got out of my tank and tried to help the unit but I decided to stay in the tank ( until I got blown up and that is why I logged off..)


I am a mature 24 year old and I like to play tactically and have fun and engage with people while playing and I am in no way a team killer...

However I understand from zissou's point of view about the issue but I hope that my version of events will be taken seriously.

I also think who ever the ground unit was that was killed should have more sense to understand that I did not intentionally run him over,

he is the one that ran into the back of my tank from an angle :/



Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*:


As I have explained above it was a misfortune of events and felt I should have been given the opportunity to defend myself before being banned which I did not get.

Its a shame as I was looking forward to playing some ARMA on ahoy this evening after a hard days work :(

but I understand were the admins are coming from as its a hard job to know who to  believe,

and I know you must get allot of team killers......


However in my case it was a complete accident. I didn't even feel guilty as I DID NOT run the ground unit over he ran into the rear of the tank which at that point  arma decided he had be crushed.


Please don't ban me for a mistake and arma physics, 

I look forward to playing more on ahoy.


:wub:  :wub:


Yours faithfully

Kevin J.

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What's more important is the right outcome, Danny is on the case but it's best not to rush, you wouldn't want us to rush through every ban appeal, he may be a little busy to respond right now but again, he is working on it. With that I'll leave this thread alone so I don't confuse anything.

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I've come to a decision. I am going to remove the ban based on the fact that it appears the events which caused this situation to unfold were not entirely of your making and that there was no obvious malicious intent behind anything you did. 


As stated by Zissou above, what happened can (and was in this case) easily be seen as ban evasion, however based on what I've read and the other facts at hand I believe it to have just been coincidence and not your deliberate intentions to avoid a ban by disconnecting. 


You are free to rejoin our servers, just be extra careful in vehicles when you're around large (or even small) amounts of friendly infantry, we all know too well what ARMA physics can be like when it comes to collisions.


- Danny (Community Ref.)

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