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Corazol (TvT map)

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Hi folks!


Thanks to a bunch of people who helped me test a map I'm working on - Corazol.  Here's footage I shot from Zeus perspective today:



The premise is that a border town in Sahrani needs to be occupied: Russian and US tank platoons move in to capture it.  It's a Sector Control map, with three sectors in the town to occupy.  The US have four M1A1 tanks, two M2A3 TUSK, and a command M1025; the Russians have four T90 tanks, two BMP-3, and a command GAZ.  Both teams have two minutes to set up, and then there's a twenty minute time limit.


I'll be working on this a bit more this week, with the hope that perhaps one night we could run it as a game night: I think it would be awesome to run this with as many folks as possible!



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