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Your most played game in 2015


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Im wondering what games you liked/played most in the past year (well, 2 months to go and christmass frenzy kicking in soon) and what games you didnt like at all. And if you have one, a wishlist.


Most liked/played:

  1. Arma 3
  2. Football manager 2013
  3. Hearts of iron 3 + mods
  4. Mount & Blade
  5. Rome TW2



  1. Reign of kings
  2. Medieval Engineers
  3. Rust



  1. Mount & Blade 2
  2. Hearts of iron 4
  3. World Ship Simulator
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Most liked/played:

  1. Arma 3
  2. IL-2 Cliffs of Dover
  3. Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2
  4. PayDay 2
  5. MGSV


  1. WarZ *Got it as a laugh and came out with a migraine*
  2. APB Reloaded *Had potential, was a complete Pay to Play*
  3. Rust *Was fun at first then died off*



  1. Fallout 4
  2. From The Depths
  3. IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad
  4. Flight Sim X
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Most liked/played:

1.Arma 3

2.X3: Albion Prelude

3.Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

4.XCOM: Enemy Unknown

5.Total War: Rome 2

6.Mount and Blade


1.Battlefield Hardline


1.Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

2.Total War: Warhammer

3.XCOM 2

Didn't realise there were so many M&B fans out there!

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Most liked/played:


1. Squad

2. Project Cars

3. Rocket League


5. ARMA 3




1. DayZ

2. BF: Hardline




1. Star Wars Battlefront

2. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (WANT WANT WANT)

3. Unravel

4. The Division

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Most liked/played:


1. DCS

2. Squad
3. Arma 3

4. Train Sim

5. Euro Truck Sim Multiplayer





1. DayZ

2. Reus

3. Counter Strike: global offensive





1. Oculous rift

2. DCS:F18

3. Cities Skylines

4. Metal Fear Solid V

5. Fallout 4

6. The Witcher 3

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1. DCS - (Duffy you heathen)

2. Squad
3. Project Cars

4. GTA5

5. Ploybridge

6. Rocket League




1. Dying Light

2. Mad Max




1. DCS 2.0 & Mirage 2000 (Raz keep dreaming of that F-18 maybe in 2018)

2. Oculous Rift / HTC Vive 

4. MFG Crosswind Pedals

5. Hitman

6. MGS 5?? 

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Most liked/played:

1. XCOM (I like to drink coffee in the morning... ArmA does not allow me to get away from my desk enough on Saturday morning!)

2. ArmA 3

3. 7 Days to Die

4. Battlefield 4 (Gasp! Heretic!)

5. (apparently, according to unintentionally absurd logged hours...) Civ 5

6. Insurgency

7. Metro Redux (completed for the umpteenth time)

8. Borderlands 2 - Local co-op

9. Deus Ex Director's Cut



1. Civ: Beyond Earth without DLC

2. ME: Shadow of Mordor

3. ARK: Survival Evolved

Found them to be alright games, but did not live up to my expectations, unfortunately. I am a huge LOtR fan, but it felt too much like a Batman game.



1. XCOM 2

2. Fallout 4

3. SW Battlefront (nice casual game to play w/friends... don't see myself paying full price)

4. ArmA 3 DLC... once they go on sale, so I can finally rid myself of those stupid overlays and disconnect delays after riding in a chopper!

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My most-played/most-liked games are pretty tough to pick from. 2015 wasn't my best gaming year.


Most liked / played:

1. Arma 3

2. Elite: Dangerous

3. Planetside 2 (hopped back in a month back, probably parallel main to Arma)

4. Kerbal Space Program (never really off the list)

5. XCOM (I was way too late to that party. Really enjoyable, can't wait for the sequel)

5. TESV: Skyrim (never off either)



1. Battlefield Hardline (as a Battlefield elitist, this just isn't for me)

2. Battlefield 4

3. Anno 2205 (lack of MP put me off big-time)

4. Magicka Wizard Wars (I just felt like I needed a fourth one)



1. Squad (triple-!)

2. ARK (everyone's been tempting me with it)

3. Act of Aggression

4. Toxikk

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