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Game Night feedback (Nov 7 2015)

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Thanks again Icy for last Saturday's game night.


A few thoughts while I have them:


1) TFAR was having a fit that night - was something perhaps not configured correctly?  Amentes could not for love or money get back in after crashing and relogging - I seem to recall hearing that MessedupSmiley had to log people in manually.


2) Loadouts needed some work.  Thanks Glitch for the late game fixes.  Perhaps have a few static ammo boxes to round out the rough edges?


3) I would have loved for a briefing item in the map screen to let me know what the objectives were.  I found that I was learning about what the mission and plan was while I was getting into the boat (we're taking a boat? cool).  I recognize that Raz created the mission previously but perhaps when it's finalized it can be inserted into the map briefing for reference?  Either that or a good ol' mission briefing with squad leads.


For example, I knew our objective was the comms towers, but then there was this whole push across the island to phase line Zulu that came out of nowhere for me.



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Thanks for the feedback and taking the time to create this post, and sorry for my late response. Been very busy past few days!

I'll go over your feedback with some answers from my perspective:

Tfar: I wad using no altered settings in comparison to Gauntlet. I officially have no utter idea what went wrong, perhaps types of radio selected from my end?

Loadouts: Made by Glitch(thank you) and imported and set up by myself using the gauntlet Loadouts sqf. I did test these and they included all medicals and 5/7 mags. So very strange that they were removed at entry. I did hoewever screw up with Raz and the pilot their Loadouts script wise but that was fixed quickly by myself.

Briefing: you are completely right.

We had planned a good ol sl briefing, all together, hot cocoa and everything but then raz got his first steam ticket error ever(direct quote from the man himself). So that idea was crushed. Oh and let's not forget the restarts...

Me and Raz had figured out a "fun and challenging" mission, mixed with our mutual thoughts however more focused on what I had in mind. I recall two teams waiting to insert, this whas a mis communication which I blame myself for. As I said the initial plan was set up by me mostly, but apart from some small influences by mission design the rest was all c.o controlled such as the phase Lane

I hope you still enjoyed it, took a lot of time to make for a starting mission maker! Oh and.. Goid enough for a slightly simpler part 2?

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