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(14/11/2015) 7:00 PM GMT Saturday Night Gamenight!


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Saturday Night Gamenight!


Operation: Swift Strike 

Map: Al-Rayak 

Time of operation start: 7:00 PM GMT

Time of preparation: 6:30 PM GMT


Sign up is slightly different this week. If you just want to be infantry just reply no to the three questions. 


Click here to sign up!


BRIEF: After a Russian airstrike in Syria killed several U.S special forces members, training the local insurgents against ISIS, the U.S have retaliated and invaded Russian soil. Your job as soviet forces is to repel this attack for the MOTHERLAND. 


Arsenal will be allowed, along with join in progress. Sign up is key for those who want to take charge, especially after Raz’s team leader training. Respawning is allowed, however units can only be deployed to the area of operation in waves, subject to commands approval. This is to simulate a re-enforcement system/to get rid of vortex transporting one guy.


Normal game night rule apply, if you can’t cope with waiting to get back into the area of operations or planning please to not join.


For info on how to get the mods click here.


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Would love to Command an Armored Unit provided it is a T-72/80 or BMD-4, BMP if REALLY necessary but seeing as most EU3 players don't understand what Mechanized Warfare is I would much prefer a BMD or MBT if needed.


Also I could go Pilot but only if there is no one else available.

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