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Hi people! I see the exile server hasnt been getting much attention recently and hadnt been updated for a while. Muckduck did his best to update the server to the newest version however he had many problems and couldnt help much more. Is there someone working on it atm? Me and 3 other members are really eager to get on it and play some Exile!

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I believe it just didn`t took off how staff was thinking it would.

It was also put up to see what the community reaction would be and for how long it would be populated for (Sustained server pop over several weeks)

It didn't really take off and has fallen by the wayside.

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The exile server has not been cancelled despite other previous admin responses. As Josh said we're working on it this weekend. (I work away all week).


Apologies if my post was misunderstood I meant fallen by the wayside server population wise.

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