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Ahoy+ Subscriptions Phased Out


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Ahoy+ Subscriptions are now being phased out as part of our efforts to make things better for the users. It is turning into a sole donation system as our services cannot support the perks that the Ahoy+ system promises. Instead, anybody who makes any donation to the running costs of AhoyWorld will be entitled to the current Ahoy+ perks (private forum, exclusive TS channel, forum flair & slot priority etc.) as a thank you from us. Anyone who has donated or subscribed since November 2014 will be entitled to the new system, it will not however be instant as all are processed manually, if you have donated or subscribed in the past please message me your transaction ID and I'll add you. When this new system goes live you will need to send a form to the admins with your transaction ID so we can crosscheck them, this however shouldn't take too long, if it takes longer than expected then razgriz33 or I should be able to help. The new system should be fully functional by the 9th of November.


  • I have an active subscription, can I get my money back?

Not automatically, message me with your transaction ID and I'll send you a refund.


  • I donated before November 2014, why can't I get involved?

Due to our account records we can only go back as far as November 2014. If however we have other records to indicate you donated/subscribed before that date we will use them.


  • I've not got this new status yet, why not?

All donations are processed manually, if by 14th November you haven't received your new group then message me.


  • I wanted to take out an Ahoy+ subscription, can I still do it?

No you can't, however feel free to use the donation system on the homepage or the forum as this will be equally as valid and earn you the same perks.

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