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AHOY+ Subscriber Questions


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As a newly joined recruit and having had some great times on the servers and now wanting to pay back something to the costs, I'm contemplating being a subscriber.  What payment options are allowed - PayPal - CC - others?   Not wanting to sound like I don't trust any of the good people at AHOY but having been stung trying to stop an Adobe subscription is it easy to stop the AHOY subscription?

What I'd really like is a one off payment possibly 1 - 6 months (12 would be a big ask) so it's then my decision to not renew instead of an automated recurring deduction - which I loathe.  I know theres a donation button but the subscriber perks would probably keep me subscribing.  (Unless I've missed something and you get the perks with a big enough donation)


The + sign is a neat touch of reminding players on the server that others are helping to pay for their great times, but maybe explain this a bit better - keeping the message longer on the base hoardings would be a great start or on the splash screen.  I'd seen this symbol against some players names but hadn't realised till I was told.


Anyway - thank you, I'm one of your more 'mature' users and I've really enjoyed the good times and the great people there (well most of them).....and also enjoyed the tension and the stress which is very very addictive.

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It's also not automatic, at least not for me.

It is for some, and it's not for others. It's a real headache for us as we regularly have to manually reset transactions otherwise subscribers get locked out. This is one of the major reasons the system is changing.

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Taking the opportunity to chip in my 0,02 ...

I asked several times (ingame) to get details on a PayPal donation i consider´d dropping to AHOY,as i m awfully rich and needed to find more (usefull) opportunities to "invest" my (blackmail-free) muney ...

I m not interested in "subscribing",getting "perks" or anything else in return (world-domination) - all i need is a simple way to find the PayPal contact details to be done with and dish out whenever and whatever i find usefull/necessary ...


So,for god sake,some fool drop me the goddamn PayPal details - else all my xmas money will be spend on c+w :huh:

And,a reply without a fitting image to support my opinion is a wasted reply,therefor :



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There is a donation button on the home-page as well as on the main forum page.
Both of these will let you donate any amount of money without having to deal with subscriptions.


After agreeing to the amount etc. and confirming the donation you should automatically be taken to the PayPal website.

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