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Mark T

Mark T

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Finally plucked up the courage to post :)


My Name is Mark T, I'm old  and live in the south of England


Have been playing online Games for past 10 years starting at Americas Army, where i worked my way up to play in intermediate and invite competitions and  leagues


I then moved on to the.. C word? of duty "cough" and competed in open  leagues where then I lost interest and took a break for a year


During that year off I travelled  around Australia, Thailand and Phuket so had no access to computer


Now here I Am Mixing in with the Ahoy World

I started off playing operation Flashpoint and all the other series but only started playing ONLINE here in Arma 3 about 3-4 months ago


I came on to the server browser not knowing what to expect, normally I like to compete against other players but as I clicked the ping column Ahoy EU1 server list popped up in CO OP mode and I thought hmm lets give this a try, well I'm glad I did and  have not looked back since.


In the 3 months I've been here id just like to say Thanks to the staff Pero and Iranzan for welcoming me into the community and for making the server smooth and enjoyable ie with Zeus missions etc etc not forgetting Pepperman :D and of course the AW members and regular players (you know who you are B)) that have also welcomed me in TS

PS I will get a mic :lol:


I'm hearing lots of good things about EU3 as well so once I get that mic I will be harassing you Plant!ng or Chuck now your always there  ;)


Anyways that's it for me and hope to see you all on the battlefield


Happy Hunting




















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