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Chain of Command...

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I don't know if it is me, but i am noticing that more and more often people aren't listening to the chain of command. This alone is making me not want to play EU3 as much as I was previously. 

Report em please :)


or get them told. I'll try to be much more active next week :)

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Most common situation that occurs regularly


leader : issues command

trooper A : criticizes command

trooper B : agrees with trooper A

trooper A : issues command

leader : interjects  

trooper everyone els : ignores leader

trooper everyone els : follows trooper A's command

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Funnily enough, I haven't had that many people disagree with my commands... in fact the last video I posted in the Arma screenies & videos thread, @15:10, Chongo_10 suggested a different approach and I took it because it was a better idea than mine.  If your commands make sense, people generally follow them.


My issue has been mostly people playing in their own private groups or in different languages, which makes it difficult to assess whether they are following commands or not.



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As Ryko said,

Private groups in combination with other-than-english languages are a growing problem. I suggest anyone who sees this happening at the start of the mission(or even the middle of the mission, but its harder) to kindly notify them of the server rules, aswell as why the rule is in place. Give a valid argument, usually the folks get why the rule is in place.

Wait, they don't listen/care/understand English? Report them, as multiple Mods posted above me.

But... Stay civil ;)

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