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Hey it JimmyJohn


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Hello ahoy guys i have been loving the server so i thought i should sign up to the website and get all the new info about the servers.I am 15 who loves to play arma 3 and has been playing the arma  series for a long time now and is still in love with it. I was wondering would i be able to get in the modded server or is it white list only. Anyway guys i hope i see you ingame byeeee :).

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Welcome Jimmy!

The Eu#3 Modded server is not at all whitelisted.

Below you can find a link to the EU3 forum section, aswell as a How-To to get you started!


EU3 Forum: HERE


Mod install instructions: HERE


Whilst you are installing I recommend you take a look at the in-depth server rules HERE and check out the Basic guide HERE.


After you have installed you might run into some first-time issues. If thats the case, feel free to talk to anyone on the Teamspeak.

I can assure you someone will help you out!



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