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Hey guys im new to ahoy and to the arma series i have arma 3 about 2 months and i play on  EU1 i want to start playing on EU3, im a semi-good pilot by now i am still a noob compared to some people so if you see me in the pilot seat pleas dont be mad if i crash and i practis alot on single-player so if there is a "friendly"  pilot online i will ask him if i can be his co pilot and try to fly (if something goes wrong he can take over) so yes i also like to be a sniper or to be in a convoy.

i will be active on this topic any tips and tricks are helpful ;) thanks for the support and help

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Hey CyanGaming welcome, you probably remember me from the EU1 TeamSpeak. I definitely recommend EU3 to you and beware its very different to EU1. I dont mind to help you with setting it up.


There's a great tutorial here about setting up the mods :http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/3174-how-to-download-the-allowed-addons-the-modded-addons/


And all of these pinned topics to guide you through to different roles of EU3 : http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/forum/86-eu3-modded-information-and-discussion/


See you on the battlefield!

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