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Replacing CSAT/AAF with RHS Units in mission

J. Zimmerman

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Hello Ahoy Community,



    Currently, I am attempting to replace the CSAT faction with RHS Russian or Takistani Insurgents to patrol and operate as the OPFOR in the AO's.


I am currently using Stratis Version and the list of folders inside the mission/.pbo are:



  • ac
  • gear
  • misc
  • notificons
  • objectives
  • rsc
  • signs
  • sm
  • sounds
  • taw_vd
  • VAS


  • awMissionLogo.jpg
  • description.ext
  • grenadeStop.sqf
  • init.sqf
  • mark_unit.sqf
  • mCheck.sqf
  • mission.sqm
  • stringtable.xml
  • vehicle.sqf
  • weatherChange.sqf


I am just not finding where to edit this to where RHS units spawn instead of CSAT, or how to do this. I searched the forums, as well as the good ol' google attempt. Nothing unfortunately.


Any help or direction would be highly appreciated!





           J. Zimmerman

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Can you tell us which version are you using?


There should be a file in the main directory of the mission called fn_AOenemy.sqf


#define INF_TYPE "OIA_InfSentry","OIA_InfSquad","OIA_InfSquad_Weapons","OIA_InfTeam","OIA_InfTeam_AA","OIA_InfTeam_AT","OI_reconPatrol","OI_reconSentry","OI_reconTeam"
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Hello Pero and thank you for the reply,



However, this is the version for the Island of Stratis that is uploaded to BitBucket. Version is co40_AW_Invade_&_Annex_2_94_1.stratis


I am not finding a directory named "fn_AOenemy.sqf" so maybe you could take a look at this via BitBucket and direct me to the correct place! :D





        J. Zimmerman

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Thank you very much Pero, you were a very great help. I will check this out.



When I edit this, what exactly do I replace to make the forces Taliban, russian, etc..?



Also, I want to remove the ability of them having Anti-Air, since the theme I am shooting for is a Combat Deployment around 2008-2009.



Thank you so much for the help once again!



     J. Zimmerman

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I got it to work after a very long search for the CfgGroup Classnames! Thank you so much for the advice/hints, I appreciate the fact that you didn't just give me the answer, it allowed me to hunt and learn from trial and error!



Special Credit was added to the mission file for your assistance on replacing the CSAT AI to ISTS Forces (Also known as ISIS).






  J. Zimmerman

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