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[Short Movie] "Red" - The Ambush


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I wanted to share you this little amateur made movie and a little review of mine.


Here's the movie:



And my little review:


Generally it is pretty damn cool. The effects are slightly above "decent" scale, nothing special but still pretty cool as for the low-budget amateur short movie. Make-up of the characters, their gear, clothes and other stuff is on a very good level. Every small detail looks pretty, apart from the armament which, in my opinion, was a little too shiny, but still an amazing piece of prop. Putting this all together was certainly not an easy task. Environment was nicely chosen, great surroundings, perfect for this type of action. Scenography stands on fairly high level as well, all those falling trees and branches (maybe a little to much of that grass flying around), placement of HMG and that hidden mortar in the deep forest. It is about all those small things that alone would not be something special, but putting this altogether creates something that I have really enjoyed and I hope not only me. Even if there were made some mistakes, some movie glitches I have not saw them, because I was enjoying the movie as it was. Moreover the camera work was not something "decently amateurish". All the scenes were put together fairly good, showing some closeups of action as well as the general overview of the battlefield. All those inserts with map of the area, first-person view through the optics (those little shaking was very immersive), view behind enemy lines, or the scene from inside a car. All of this tiny little bits created something of big value. Scenario was something that I do not want to talk about. Some people might like it, some not. For me the movie was enjoyable fair enough to show it to you. Sound was something that did not struck me to my knees nor did I heard any low quality sh*t. It just was there and was fulfilling it's role.


Overall I give this movie a score of 7 points out of 10. Great piece of action, with properly taken care of small details that creates an amazing piece of work.


Stay tuned for more amazing stuff like this in the future ;)

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