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My name's Patryk, I'm from Poland, I go by steam name Taco and play arma under the name dust8.


I really enjoy playing with you lads, think you're a lovely community and have had loads of fun on the modded server, especially love driving apcs and tanks but I won't say no to a good rocket launcher and love the way that the administration on the server always finds a way to incorporate such assests into missions, makes me feel loved :D


Anyway thanks for having me around and I'll probably see you ingame.


Attaching one of my favourite screenshots from the server, I don't even know, it just kinda happened.


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Witamy w naszej społeczności :)

Widzę, że raczej pojazdy pancerne, ale chętnie zobaczę Cię u mnie w składzie jeśli będzie taka możliwość ;)




Welcome to the community :)

I see that you mainly drive armored vehicles, but I would be glad to see you in my squad if available ;)




P.S. That vehicle flipped over because of Keyboard Commando. I don't know why, but whenever he's around some crazy sh... happen :D

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