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Toopatch's ban


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Ingame Name*:                                                                                                     TooPatch


Why do you think you were banned?:                                                                   Humorless administration + my behaviour


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*:                                 Because there is no rule that says something about humorless administration.


Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?:                                                 Rave


When were you banned?*:                                                                                    16:10 - 14:10:2015                                                        








Ahoy! Today I have been banned by Rave because of my behaviour.

Firstly what I want to say is that, that I have new mouse which has few more buttons than normal one. I was walking around spawn and pressing them because I was not sure what are they for ingame. One of them works like 1x press - 20x press of left mouse button. That means when I pressed it 1x it shooted 20x even if I had na information that shooting at base is not possible etc. - it was still shooting. I did it in front of an admin - Rave. I aimed at his head and then just pressed those buttons.

Rave took me on his channel(teamspeak) and he gave me warning + kick from the game - ok.

After that I told him(in joke) that I will rape him with my rifle by pressing it into his ear ear_PNG6245.png - not 4$$ ;-) Looks like he did not take it as joke. He told me few things on teamspeak again and I have been banned permamently on teamspeak server + ingame. Okay, I understand banishment ingame but - not permamently + I do not understand why I have been banned on teamspeak. It's okay when someone who is banned ingame, have to be banned on teamspeak too. But if not - please unban me on teamspeak.


Now, about game. I am sorry that admin Rave is humorless. If I told him that I will rape him with my rifle(I meant rifle ingame, not man's body-part) and then I said "Sorry" - well.




I am playing on AhoyWorld 1st arma server couple of months already and never had problems with administration. You can ask people on TS - AhoyWorld 1 channel ;-)


I am requesting unban on teamspeak server + change the time of my banishment ingame for 24 hours - or even unban. I do not see any rule that says something about raping an administration with a rifle ingame. If administration bans people for that, make rule then that says "Raping administration ingame is prohibited! - ban 24 hours" or something like that.





Banishment message on teamspeak;

<16:10:31> You are banned permanently. Reason: "You Sir Have Breched the Standards Of Common Decency. Goodbye."

Banishment message ingame;










Yours Truly,

Sebastian(TooPatch), AhoyWorld 1st server, Jet Fighter.

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I'd like to remind you that you need to be honest in your ban appeal.

And what is that if not honest?  Did you read everything I wrote there? You know, I could just wrote only that what is needed - Ban Appeal Procedure.



So honestly I have been banned on ts for no reason ;-)

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