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ACE, vanilla damage and the "walking bug"

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Hi folks,


As I understand events, the recent update to 3.3.2 made changes to leg damage such that any major damage makes it so that you can't run and are limited to walking.  There has been some commentary on the ACE github issue tracker, but it seems even with the remove_bloodstains boolean enabled this will still happen.


No one seems to like this "feature" - even to the point that on EU3 admins have been running code on an ad hoc basis (setDamage = 0, I suspect) which removes vanilla damage, and allows the player to run again.  This is great when there's an admin online who is receptive to running the script, but if there isn't one online, or he's busy running ZEUS - you're gonna be walking.


I have been doing some experimenting and I am pleased to present an option for consideration - the walking bug vanilla damage restoration banana (WBVDRB):


this addAction["Eat Banana", {_this select 1 setDamage 0; hint "Your vanilla damage has been removed. Yum!"; _this select 0 setPos [0,0,0]; }];

Adding this code on the initialization of a banana item (ACE_bananaItem) will make it so that a banana can be "eaten", whereby it removes a player's damage and then disappears (technically, gets teleported to 0/0/0 on the map).  Here's the interesting thing - it doesn't stop ACE bleeding effects or pain, so it's not a cure-all.  At least, no more than the current directly-run scripting.


I don't know how this would be implemented, but in a perfect world, it would be an ammo box item that a user could take with him into the field.


Anyway, my two cents.



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It's not a bad idea at all. Removes the need of admins to manually change this. But doesn't this also work when you are hit and you eat a banana instead of using bandages?


Technically what it does is sets damage to 0: according to Arma, when you hit damage 1, you're dead.  So if you're grazed by a bullet and take damage = 0.35, it's removing that.  But ACE medical is separate from this, and has its own interactions with Arma damage: my impression is that using a bandage restores some of the damage.  But more importantly the ACE medical effects (bleeding, pain) are separate interactions: setting damage to 0 doesn't affect either of these operations.  So technically you could probably eat bananas all day long to keep damage from reaching 1, but you'll still be bleeding, and in pain.


I'm looking at creating code which could create a banana dispenser, but unfortunately that would either require ZEUS to run the code at the beginning of each map, or it'd have to be hard-coded into the mission.



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An update: I got a crate working that would deploy bananas on-demand, but it seems that once you put the banana into your inventory, it looks its addAction, rendering it ... a normal banana. So unless someone with more l33t coding skills than I wants to get in on this... might not be as simple as it seems.


- R

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