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Question: What is Ahoy all about?


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Okay here it is 


i saw some Vidoes this GUY from UK and posted to join this community 


Firstly they are Harsh very Harsh i have no offence may be they are keeping there Rules here but still its harsh ppl like me who are looking for the exect this what exactly Ahoy is all about


I am new and and really new to Arma and this community also i have been kicked naned by the Adminstratives by using Sniper spots :) (there favorate) and not using MIC i dont have it and Rules dont tell all this about 


Not i have no worries about it my question is what Ahoy is all about ?? 


a fare Question which every Newbie like me can ask it and seriouslt i have no idea to even Discuss this matter also 


A 9 Pounds of membership helping someone you really dont know and i want to help them to grow up i want to know where i am investing in and where i am comming and what i am getting also :) i am greedy :)


well my whole question is about that ! ! !


when i register the it 


it ask me about the minecraft (sorry if my spell is wrong) and it ask me the username i did gave the Arma 3 Name how did the ahoy team knows that its me now i have not payed it yet coz i am waitting for this question to be ansered right what a member will be getting and how the registartion of ARMA # works out ??



i dont want to pay for nothing if even Ahoy is working they made ther server Nice and i am sure they are working well also and on the EU 2 and 3 they are Killing and kicking the newbies like me who have done nothing and not even TK and the other teams they TK and kill and tell them to make there own teaems and join them where else the player agree to join them and stay with them with there team leaders and stay in command of them where ever they want 



I will support everything if the RULES are Written wisely for everyone and not happen to this to anyone before you TK "INTENTIONALLY"


and tell them that they dont belong to the TEAM and as a Newbies not Dress prperly BLA BLA stuff i see this no reason for this 



Anyways Admin you can remove thing or what ever it is 


the bottem like is i do like the idea of all this thing but i dont like the IDEA of having a MIC and he can RULE the world thats a Crap 


your RULE say the same i dont have to remind where and which number it is so thats what happen to me 2 times ADMINn here everything 



anyways guyes my question is 


how the MInecraft name will be COnnected to the Arma 3 name where the registration is asking coz i dont play Minecraft and i have no idea about that game i play Arma so thats my question (in the simple words)



So if i pay them what benifits i get and so on its not clear and if i am typing that means i am a member or something or i have rights to TYPE so i am doing it 



anyone can help i will be really thankfull for the reply 


thankx in advance for the reply 





(Admins don't kick playes for snipers Slots)

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Title edited for clearity.
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Hi there i'll try my best to address what you have said above and they questions you have asked. However first of all can you tell me which server this was on? Also i do not recognize your name - do you use another when playing on our servers?


- Rave [AW]

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Alright, I remember you from the EU#1 server the other day.

You are reffering to a public player asking if you were AFK because he wanted that sniper slot. That didn`t mean just because he wants it, I`ll kick you just so he can get it. If you remember, I asked you if you are AFK or not in Side channel, you did respond in Group channel, so I haven`t done anything.

As Dingo already said, we don`t kick anyone so someone else gets the slot. The only exception for a kick is when you stand AFK (Away From Keyboard) at base for 5-10-15 minutes with a full server. You can expect Admins to remove those players so those who wanna join, can play.

Having a microphone on our public server is NOT a rule, you don`t need it. I don`t remember any admins saying to you it was one.


As of gear, we have limited VAS and Virtual Arsenal, but some peope have pre-saved loadouts with non-NATO/BLUFOR uniforms or they take the Virtual uniforms. We can`t tell people what to take, whoever does, that is his own opinion/suggestion. I don`t believe any admins say that.

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