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My name is Greg, I'm 22 and I come from Poland. I'm playing Arma 3 for like 4-5 months so far. Before, I was playing Arma 2 (GameSpyArcade times as well). I'm playing on your servers quite often. Mainly as Pilot (for my 350+ hours in Arma 3 so far 80% of that time I fly helicopters :) ). I'm using Logitech Attack 3 joystick for that ;)


I really enjoy flying and playing on Ahoy, It's quite amazing to see people cheer my for my piloting skills :)

You got a great community there!


I'm playing some of RP servers as well and sometimes with my friends we play some random Wasteland server (not very often).


I'm working as Delegate Sales Executive at ACI Europe and I enjoy this job the same way I enjoy this community :)


I'm aiming to become Ahoy Staff member, but for now I'm getting along with community and people on the server. I'm on my way of downloading mod pack to play Ahoy #3 server, so in next 2-3 weeks I'm gonna be done with that and gonna try playing there ;)


Hope we gonna meet on the battlefield and I will be able to get you to AO with helicopter :)



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Thank you for your warm welcome :)

It's always about developing yourself, and pushing forward. Never say "never" ;)


@S0zi0p4th I know they're pretty occupied all the time, but when I'm not at the controls of a helicopter I'm playing a medic role or spotter for some sniper (I really enjoy supporting people and be of help for them :) )

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