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AI Infantry as bullet sponges: ACE 3.3.2

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Hey folks, just some info for your gear selection decisions: the latest version of ACE that we are using on EU3 has made some adjustments to how damage affects the limbs.  I'm not sure whether this is applicable to players as well as AI, but according to this issue reported on ACE's github (https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/2624) and from some personal testing you can pump at times a ridiculous number of bullets into an AI soldier and not take him down.


It's particularly noticeable when you use any 5.56mm or lighter weapon; it's a little better with 7.62mm and greater weapons.  The take away from this is that if you can help it, aim for center of mass or the head, that seems to be the instant kill you'd expect (but not always!). Hits on the arms and legs are not as effective as in previous versions of ACE.



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