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Leadership Training


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On the 10th of October 1300 UTC I will be hosting a training session for budding leaders, those that want to gain additional experience or those that just want to know how it works.


prerequisite include patience and listening skills.


Although I'm no Napoleon I'll be sharing my experiences and going through the research I've done.

We'll be going through responsibilities, communication, movement and strategy utilising various resources and adapting them to common FPS gameplay but is mainly focused around ArmA.


Please note that this is not an ArmA event, it is a presentation with a discussion between us all at the end.


Some food for thought, we'll be dissecting this attack:



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@Stuart, anything would be fine. Thanks in advance mate :-)




We do need more people willing and able to play as SQL/CMD , missions just turn into a mess 50% of the time due to no-one assuming command.

Training isn't mandatory, I would suggest that, if you have the time; participate and learn something that might be very useful and helpful for you later; you might even find enjoyment in being in command.

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Think I'm gonna hang around with you guys there, not much to do for Saturday, my GF is at school and I got a plenty of time. Just say the time and I'm gonna join ;)


Someone asked for recording, so I could do one I guess. Just gonna need to re-set my dxtory again (got system reinstall lately)

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