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DakimDragco - Back again.


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Hi guys, i didnt want to clog the general discussions with this, so i will do this here. I know i havent been around alot on either TS or the forum, reason for that is the flu. Been sick for a week or so now and to top my bad luck off, yesterday my PC's boot system crashed. I was unable to restart my computer and have ended up having to re-install windows 7 from scratch. I got steam and origin back on my computer, but all the arma stuff is lost, so it will be a while before i can get back on EU3.


Just wanted to give all of you a heads up, i will likely be another week before everything is restored to old again. I am sticking with win 7 though, didnt like win 10 that much anyway. :)

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I had win 10 and hated the whole look of it. Too much like a mobile phone interface with the stupid app store opening everytime i tried to open files that had broken file associations too it.


I will wait untill its a bit more updated so old programs i use actualy work under it to, had alot of backwards compatibility problems too.

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