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Arma 3 FSF SacVentral Parachute Mod

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Can we please add this mod in for more realistic insertions by parachuting on EU 3?


Multiple times I hear people wanting to do HALO jumps onto or near the A/O  but the entire group decides not to because it limits the person to no backpack because they have to equip the parachute itself which replaces the backpack. This makes sense as you would want to have the most space possible to get the job done.This mod however solves all these problems by allowing the user to equip the parachute and backpack. When jumping it puts the backpack on front of the solider and the parachute on back. When you land you are then able to switch back to your backpack. This makes things very convenient.


Mod Page: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24529 


Mod Description: This addon allows you to put a backpack in a ventral position .

All backpack in the game are supported
You can now put your backpack in a ventral position to realize a parachute jump from a HALO Helicopter or airplane .
You can carry 2 backpack with this feature for best practice LOGISTICS in cooperative play .


-Sincerly, KPSradical

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You can operate well enough without a backpack, did test runs a while back and did even operate a "Ranger" squad,

with sole purpose of airborne (HALO) deployment and reinforcement. Every person gets plenty enough ammunition and each

carries basic medical supplies to ease medics job. Can also procure weapons and ammo on site from enemies or dead friendlies.

The problem is unable to use long range radio, while doing it. Can still be done, but requires use of multiple channels to contact

squad, command and pilot

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I proposed a similar mod a month or 3 back. (Feedback tracker)

It was denied, because the mod was broken. I spent some time looking for alternative; came across this mod. Messaged alganthe -seeing he was the one who found out the other one was broken- about it and apparently it was (also) broken in the similar way.

It would be very nice if ACE could implement something similar within their self-interact.

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To be honest you can still achieve a parachute insertion via the Huron/Chinook just like in reality, and that has already been done in Eu3 before. And I swear I saw a mod that can put a backpack in front of the player character and compatible with ACE3, not sure if this is the one that's deemed broken though.

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BackpackOnChest Mod



- Adds the ability to put his backpack on the Chest. (This gives a huge advantage especially when parachuting)
- Adds a backpack on Chest-Action to the ACE3 SelfInteraction-Menu
- Forces the player to walk while having a backpack on the chest




Positive sides:

- Would make parachuting a lot more common, seeing the only downside is that we can't take that much gear with us right now.

- C130 would actually have a use.

- It's only 1MB

- It works with ACE

- Requirements (CBA & ACE) are already in the repo.



- None I can think of.


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This needs to be added to the server, one it will encourage others to try things new other than just infantry and two it will also let them have the freedom to carry there normal gear eve when deploying as a specialised unit.

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This would be great to have, but apparently alganthe has checked and both of these mods don't work properly.


I've seen another variation on this theme, it essentially lets the player "store" his backpack in the parachute, and when he hits the ground, the parachute turns into the backpack.



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Did some tests, FSF sacVentral suffer from JIP issues and respawn issues.

BackpackOnChest is simply broken ATM.


Note that both of those mods don't have any github repository where I can provide any contribution, thus I'll just make a new mod with the feature (Putting the backpack on your chest) in my free time.

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