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How Not To Tank


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For starters :



Secondly,the ARMA 3 PhysX is totally fkked up at times and the opportunities i 360 double flipped in Hunter´s / KUMA´s / Slammer´s / Bobcat´s / "insert any vehicle here" are endless ...

One time we had a KUMA side reward and i got lucky and grabbed it (early morning @ server) and 1 pub jumped in Gunner while i was loading AA missiles for protection of my precious ...

He turned the gun,collided with the VAS ammo crate (which wont move and acts as "blocking volume") and the goddamn KUMA turned 180 sidewards over and ended lying on his back like a turtle :blink:


That was 2 patches ago ... and while the last patch definatly "improved" vehicle movements/durability" we´ll never get rid of seeing those things to happen!



Keep movement while the vehicle starts turning and work carefully on rebalancing it/fighting against it - often helps me ;)


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Seeing all this makes me want to try to reattempt the glorious days of "Tank-downhill and jumping into unsuspecting AO´s" from OperationArrowhead in Takistan ... nothing compares to seeing a bunch of tanks jump 200meters wide with over a 100kph into an AO from a mountainside only to rampage straight through the AO with most of the enemy just staring in blank disbelief ... good times, especially when the Infanterists from your side not only watch but rampage with the tanks in their wake :)

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This goes for all servers as well:

Main battle tanks are not for urban combat they are primarily used for taking out armored targets at long range.

So if you are in a tank stop on a hillside and take out primary targets such as armor and leave the light enemies for infantry.

If you do this you wont get shouted at by infantry for killing all of the targets.

The main thing is the saying 'you cant win a war with only a tank, but you can't win without one' 

Basically for people who don't understand:

1.Always have infantry and light vehicle support when in a tank.

2.Focus on armor and high threat targets.

3.Don't enter a town or city with a tank [iFVs and infantry can do that.]

4.Communicate with your team [where and what targets are...]

5.Don't race cars at high speeds.

6.Don't turn at high speed.

7.Don't reverse into buildings

8. Know your surroundings and what is 5 feet away from you so if you do flip then nobody else will be hurt.

9. Confirm targets and that they are enemy

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10. Park cover´d

You will surely find a position that unites overview + cover vs the direction you r engaging on (Houses,Rocks.Containers,etc.)

A good cover gives you at least 3 more seconds to react to a threat,maximizing your field-time and minimizing your engineer Time ... helps vs Jets too - there s countless times 1-2 RPGs hit the house i was parked behind and yet i m still here to tell about it :P

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