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Arma 3 Veteran Memorial


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My grandmother passed away on september 11th this week. We just buried her. She was one of the first female marines in WWII working stateside in communications, her ceromony included a flag folding and taps but was unable to include a firing squad. Since her birthday was on christmas, can I get a group of volunteers to send as many red and green flares into the sky for her with me on a night map? I want to make a youtube memorial for her. Thanks brothers

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thank you all for your condolences, she was 91, she left this life to her reincarnation in the best way possible, peacefully at home surrounded by family. how does friday the 26th work for everyone? I dont have to work that day, and I can get on from 12:00-5pm EST, to allow my friends from across the pond to join in. I just want to say I love all you guys, your responses have really touched me.

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