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Ingame Name: Jason

Why do you think you were banned?: (sorry for the long post but I feel like I need to explain the whole situation)

I was landed on an airfield (not the base) in the AA buzzard because there were no enemy jets/helicopters, the radiotower was down and it would be a while until the AO would finish, so I was waiting for the next one.

Whilst I was waiting a pilot in the huron flew up to me, picked the jet up, flew it back to our base, and then dropped it on the ground which resulted in damage and breaking my landing gear (could not retract), so I would then need to wait 5 minutes to get it serviced again. 

The pilot never asked me if I wanted to be picked up or said anything at all until he was already flying with me attached.

I messaged him many times telling him to stop what he was doing, as well as asking for an admin to help me, I never got a response.

Understandably I was very frustrated by what had just happened as well as the pilots lack of legitimate apology and getting no help from the admin even though there was one online (mykeyrm).

I did swear using the F word about twice towards the pilot, but that was pretty much it for insults.


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?: Obviously I regret using those insults as it's not something I normally do.

Personally I feel that the ban is very unjustified as it's quite a stretch to ban me for abuse because of just a few small insults, I've seen far worse behaviour from other players (including admins) and nothing is done about it. I never killed him or damaged him in any way.

I play on the server almost everyday for many months now and I've never been banned before or gotten into trouble over my language.

I'd like to think that I'm a positive influence on the sever as I'm pretty active in the chat, helping out newer players with questions and giving general advice.

Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?: mykeyrm

When were you banned?: 15/09/15 about 11AM GMT

UID: 76561198038594132

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You were banned for abusive comments towards an admin asking you to calm yourself and your SideChannel chat towards other players.

(Twice) See log.


"as well as asking for an admin to help me, I never got a response." 

The admin was speaking to you. --- See blue below


"pilots lack of legitimate apology"  ---- See red below



 | 23:42:55]  Jason: Wtf are you doing?

 | 23:43:03]  Apfelringe63114: pls wait

 | 23:43:12]  Jason: MK where are you?!?!

 | 23:43:31]  MykeyRM: in a hummingbird

 | 23:44:01]  Jason: Fuck you

 | 23:44:17]  MykeyRM: ...?

 | 23:44:44]  MykeyRM: care to explain that remark?

 | 23:44:59]  Jason: I wasn't talking to you

 | 23:45:31]  MykeyRM: right. well he put you on a runway where you can take off safely so..

 | 23:45:33]  Apfelringe63114: Jason for explain it was my mistake i was thinking you wer out of fuel or so -----    ( legitimate apology)

 | 23:45:51]  MykeyRM: yes you were sitting in the middle of a paddock with a jet

 | 23:45:52]  Jason: I told him MANY times to stop and he carried on

 | 23:45:55]  Apfelringe63114: sorry   -----    ( legitimate apology)

 | 23:46:08]  Jason: He never sent a single message asking if I wanted to be lifted

 | 23:46:38]  MykeyRM: well its over now ---- (Warning)

 | 23:46:40]  Apfelringe63114: i now it was my mistake -----    ( legitimate apology)

 | 23:46:46]  MykeyRM: so you can carry on your merry way

 | 23:46:53]  Jason: Fuck you apfel

 | 23:47:01]  Jason: You knew what you were doing

 | 23:47:12]  MykeyRM: settle down ---- (Warning)

 | 23:47:22]  MykeyRM: just play the game

 | 23:47:30]  Jason: And because he dropped me my jet is now damaged and my landing gears are broken

 | 23:47:36]  Apfelringe63114: yes but i was doing it in my best thinking -----    ( legitimate apology)

 | 23:47:51]  Jason: stfo mykey




"I've seen far worse behaviour from other players (including admins)"

This does not excuse you're poor attitude towards staff and other players. 


Apfelringe63114 in this case being apologetic.


In the future show respect to staff and other players.


BAN will be lifted in 48hours.


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Firstly Jason, I appreciate you taking the time to fill the appeal out in detail.


Given the situation I can understand you being irritated however in my opinion that does NOT warrant the language you used towards our staff and players. Should a situation like this happen again I would remind you to be a little more respectful and this whole aftermath can be avoided. 


Fortunately for you, on this occasion the decision has been made to convert your ban from permanent to temporary(48 hours in this case) due to your clean history in the community. I would like to think it will stay that way from this point forward.


Our players come here to relax and enjoy themselves, not be insulted so please remember that in future and you'll be fine.



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Convenient for you to start the chat log there even though I was asking for help long before that.

I'm aware that you did eventually respond, but my point was that I didn't get any response from my earlier messages (not shown) asking for an admin.

As I said in the chat, the "Fuck you" was not directed at you but to Apfelringe63114, as he was refusing to put me down.

I know that Apfelringe63114 did "apologise", however I don't believe that he meant it at all, as he was intentionally trolling, which is why I said "legitimate apology".


The only "abusive comment" towards the admin was "stfo", as he had said nothing to the pilot who was trolling and damaged my jet, but said 

"he put you on a runway where you can take off safely" and "so you can carry on your merry way", yet a few F words from me and I need to be permanently banned...

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Our admins make the decisions they believe to be correct under the given circumstances and we trust them to make those decisions. You then have the option to appeal as you have here and a further decision will then be made.


My position on this situation is clear in the post above and once the 48 hours have passed you are more than welcome to re-join our servers.

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