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Ban Appeal Daimyo


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Ingame Name*:

Daimyo,  UID: 76561197960272801

Why do you think you were banned?:

I was banned for spamming zeus on EU#1

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*:

Because I'm an idiot returning back to Arma 3 (last I played, zeus was barely implemented).  Im actually a little embarrassed that I newbed it so bad considering I am a ~4 year Arma 2 veteran modder and I host a ~350 member insurgency modded coop community server.  


Basically I came into Annex (Ive played on EU1 a handful of times before) However this time I was returning to check out if EU1 had Headless client as I was interested in performance gains for Arma 3.  I was asking the server a bunch of specific tech/feature questions.  Admin MK was nice enough to answer a few.  He told me that Y adjusts grass.  My Y was bound to Zeus Request or something that pops a eye looking icon which I immediately thought Skyrim Stealth LOL or some sort of custom server mod "whoa this is nice".  


Anyways, MK told me to stop spamming.  I thought he meant to stop asking questions about the server.  So I shut up and continued to try and figure out things on my own, spamming Y was not pulling up server side view distance and grass settings so I tried Ctrl+Y, ALT+Y, spammed Y a bit in 3rd person to see if it was a toggle feature.  Then someone said you can only change the settings in Base.  SO I ran around parts of the base thinking there was a zone, pressing Y lol.  Anyways, now you see how stupid I feel and I totally can totally understand misconceptions of communications via admin side as I know what its like to deal with trolls.  In my case, inadvertent trolling lol


Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?:  MK was the banning admin


When were you banned?*: 9/11/2015 late night ~11pm+ or 9/12/2015 early morning 12am-3am PST



Side Note Request:

Thanks! Also can someone direct me to a thread or post that details headless client performance for EU1?  Like what AI is under control by the HC?  Im interested in this as I want to bring a few of my buddies on the server as well.

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Hey Daimyo.


Your ban was only a temporary one anyway but seeing as you made the effort to explain yourself on the forums I will remove it early.


Please in future don't spam things, if you're warned about spamming it is best to check what you're being warned for exactly :)


I cannot give you any answers on the HC unfortunately.

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