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Download Gauntlet 0.31

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Hey i want to download the mission Gauntlet which is on Chernarus (Summer), Panthera and Fallujah. I downloaded v 0.30 from armaholic but there were a lot fewer enemies and not all missions was there. Where can i get the latest version?

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When you are in the loading screen of EU #3 i says version 0.31. Is that not supposed to be there?  :blink:


That could be true, I haven`t logged on EU3 in last couple of days, it might have been updated.


Always install according to repository. There is always the latest what you need to play on EU#3. I hope you are running the game with arma3sync. It's stupid easy. Just click and play.


If you read that again, he only wants the mission, either for personal use or some training, he wasnt referring to mods at any point.

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