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GameNight: Sat. 12th September Raz's Playground


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A little shake up to the current system throwing my own spin on it!

while I'm hosting this one I would encourage others to do the same, contact the EU3 manager (Christiansen) if you are interested in hosting an event for EU3 in the future.


Here's The Sign Up Form

Map's going to be Panthera

Time's going to be 1400UTC

(1500 British Summer Time)


The changes include:

-Respawning will be available.

-There will be no password HOWEVER THERE WILL BE A LOCKDOWN until I decide to lift the lock and let players join in progress

(anticipating I lift the lock after the first mission we complete)

- I will be your event host, interacting with the mission with our administrative tools to enhance the experience


Bring a friend!... or a meat sheild

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Guest DwayneBrooklyn

I'll be there, signed up! Also signed up my buddy Alex Gambino, he'll be there too!

P.S. I don't really mind what role I get, as long as I ain't on my own in a squad!

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