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Map changed without notice

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Hey i was playing Chernarus summer and had been playing for ~4 hours on one mission when the map changed without any warning, It was very frustrating. Also i was playing the mission nightime but after 2 hours it changed to bright daylight. I just want to remind admins to ask everyone in the chat before changing map/mission/daytime.

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Guest Slugg087
Gauntlet changes mission automatically every 4 AO's.


No it was in the middle of the second mission. I vote changed the map to Chernarus and played one mission and on the second mission the map restarted

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Hi Slugg, any idea who changed it? there was probably a legitimate reason to do it without notice but i'll find out for you if you can provide me with some details


No i don´t think so because another person on the server told me the admin asked them. I guess they were at the spawn point and the admin didn´t know that other players was out in the AO.

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