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[HOW TO] Operate the UAV's


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19 minutes ago, Kullmann said:

Hi guys,


I am new into the topic of UAV operation. Everything works fine so far but if it comes to landing i pretty much fuck up all UAV's. So basically atm I am crashing them on the airstrip to let them respawn :-)


Can anybody here help me out and can give me an instruction on what to do to land a Greyhawk safely?


Thanks and see you on EU#4!

What I advise you to do is to go into the editor and spawn a few and try to land them until you master that.
crashing the UAV its not a solution :(

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For landing i use full flaps and sometimes turn off the engine on final approach if needed, most frequent mistake is landing at too high speed (it is a light craft with low wing loading so glides a lot). Second most frequent mistake is approach at a too steep angle, unless you have to (AA battery , enemy CAS etc) give yourself min half a click for your final lined-up with the runway. The greyhawk is extremely maneuverable so it can pull some great stunts even on landings but it is more risky ...


As far as lasing moving targets , with enough patience (if given time and not engaged by AA) you can even ctrl-T lock on an individual infantry element and it will track. Beware though if that lased inf dies before you launch sometimes i have seen the laser "relocate" somewhere to a far horizon ....


On a defensive note , you can avoid AA fire by maneuvering so it may be worth the effort to try and save your UAV given the respawn time


Final note: you can have more than 1 Darter in the air at a given time, even with their lasers locked on different targets which can help when first striking an area full of hyper-active, on the move AAs ...


Have fun and keep it smart ...

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2 minutes ago, Kullmann said:

Hey D34th,


That was very helpful!

one question: Do you use the Auto-landing function or do you land manually?

 Hello, i land it manually at the main FOB airstrip .


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My advice for UAV ops, don't trust the UAVs. When I need to rearm a greyhawk I'll give it a loiter order at 200m altitude a few kms from base, from there I'll take over control and land it myself. Same goes for taking off, I'll do that manually then once in the air I'll give it a waypoint. 

For landing, try to be at around 100km/h and flying around 20m above the ground on the approach to the runway.

Set yourself a waypoint (shift+L-mouse) on the map for the start of the runway.

Make sure you're "aiming" for your waypoint, this will help you to have a steady descent and to make the most of the long runway.

You want to be going around 80km/h (not sure exactly) once you reach the waypoint, at this speed the greyhawk will almost land itself, you can recognise this magic speed when you are unable to gain altitude by pitching up.

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Another tip i have: if you're really new to landing UAVs, start by putting them on the ground on the salt flats (altis).  They are flat in all directions and you have plenty of room so all you have to worry about is how to set it down.  Once you managed this a good 5 to 10 times, either try marking an area in which you want to land or try to land it at the main (altis) airfield.  It has a long runway and it's wide.  Practice this until you can put it down rather easily then try to put it down at the very beginning of the runway.  If you can manage that you can try doing it on smaller airfields.
This all of course in the editor.

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Aside from repair specs, you can refuel any vehicle, including drones, at any fuel truck, fuel HEMTT or gas station. Same for rearm (Ammo trucks, containers, ...) or repair (trucks, containers, ...), and you don't even need to land or be real steady with helicopters / drones to do so. Just being within a 5 or 10m radius (or so?) is enough.


All vanilla, without mods, confirmed in editor.

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