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The Rules of AhoyWorld


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1.      General Rules (applicable to all)


1.1.   These are rules that apply to all situations where you communicate to other AW members no matter what medium is used. They are not exhaustive and should be taken as a guideline on how to behave. We reserve the right to modify these rules and to defer to our own Judgement.

1.1.1.       AhoyWorld is a welcoming community that respects its members and visitors. We expect everyone to maintain this environment and will take action against those who jeopardise that community spirit. Admins reserve the right to warn/kick/ban users whose behaviour is deemed disruptive or aggressive and not conducive to a place of tolerance/friendship/comradery. Whether behaviour is disruptive or not will be determined on a case-by-case basis on the judgment of the admin/admins present.

1.1.2.       Trolling in any form will be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

1.1.3.       Racism or hate speech of any kind is not tolerated.  

1.1.4.       Minimum age for AhoyWorld membership is 14 however exceptions can be made based on maturity. 

1.1.5.       Follow guidance from Admins, they are there to ensure as many people have the best experience as possible.

1.1.6.       Hacking, including but not limited to any activity deemed to impact experience for other users. Any activity that sets out to negatively affect the performance of the server will be considered hacking.  Users aware of suspect activity who fail to report it run the risk of being included in any punishment.

1.1.7.       Recruiting, or activity deemed to be considered recruiting is not permitted regardless of community size or membership status. 

1.1.8.       Illegal activity of any kind.

1.1.9.       Use of the services provided by Ahoyworld are contingent on members making themselves aware of, and following all relevant rules.

1.1.10.        Always follow the chain of command, contact an admin first, if necessary they will pass the matter on to the core staff team.

1.1.11.      The admin team can change the rules as deemed necessary this can include bypassing rules for the sake of gameplay for the majority.

1.1.12.       Discussion religion or politics is not forbidden, however if you choose to engage in these topics please understand others differing views.


2.      Teamspeak Rules


2.1.   English is our language of choice but you are free to use your own language provided you are in a room where everyone speaks said language.

2.2.   Posting of questionable material. Please don’t post any dodgy stuff on our teamspeak. Rule of thumb if your mother saw what you posted would you be in trouble if the answer is yes then don’t.

2.3.   Channel hopping for no good reason can be seen as trolling don’t do it!

2.4.   When creating temporary channels, please treat the system with respect and do not abuse it.


3.      Forum Rules


3.1.   Read the stickies in the various forums before posting.

3.2.   There’s a good chance someone has had the same enquiry before so have a look see before posting.

3.3.   Be considerate in response and remember that not all of our members have english as a first language.

3.4.   Be supportive and helpful! If you can help someone out then reply this community works best when everyone contributes and gets involved.

3.5.   PMing staff works but don’t expect a response immediately.

3.6.   Duplicate accounts are forbidden. In the case of an error, contact an admin to resolve, you will be allowed to choose which account you would like to keep, any abuse and both accounts will be banned.

3.7.   By uploading image(s) to the website gallery you grant AhoyWorld the permission of unlimited usage rights which includes edits and advertisement usage.

3.8.   Total size of forum signature images must not be larger than 800 x 180, sample image here.



4.      ArmA 3 Rules


Note: As our enhanced server is a special case there has been some repetition of rules, this is to ensure that play on our enhanced server is maintained at a more stringent level.



4.1.   All Servers


4.1.1.       No Teamkilling (TKing)            This includes harming friendly vehicles in any form.            Persistent teamkilling could result in a kick or a ban            Do not combat teamkilling by teamkilling offenders            Teamkilling as a result of using thermal optics or lack of a tag is not an excuse.

4.1.2.       Play the mission as intended            Do not crash assets such as helicopters or vehicles into other things with intent.            Do not exploit bugs for personal gain, if a bug/loophole/exploit is found, report to an administrator as soon as possible.            Use your role to the best of your ability, if you’re a medic heal people, if you’re a repair specialist, keep your repair kit. Intentionally ignoring duties is frowned upon and may lead to your being moved to another role or being kicked.

4.1.3.       Respect game immersion            Refrain from overuse or inappropriate use of Global or Side Chat especially in voice.            Do not hinder, pester or “troll” other players during their gameplay. This includes blocking doors, following other players around excessively.            Don’t steal vehicles, weapons or other equipment from other players or squads and return them undamaged when asked to do so.            Do not waste resources such as limited vehicle ammo or side mission rewards on purpose.

4.1.4.       Pilots:            Pilots are a vital element in flow of missions and so are most closely scrutinised for poor behaviour or poor ability.            Are advised and encourage to join teamspeak.            At the start of missions the pecking order for a pilot slot will be: Paying Subscribers, Teamspeak users, known pilots, anybody else. In the event of a tie, it’s first come first served.            If you are very bad we suggest practicing offline first and in extreme cases may ask you to surrender your slot to a known good pilot. If you refuse we may be forced to kick you.            Are in command of their aircraft, not the passenger or co-pilot. Don’t confuse this to mean that co-pilots cannot take control.            Pilots are required to engage with admins when requested. If an admin asks who the pilots are please respond.            AFK pilots will be kicked.            Pilots are required to land in designated areas! Landing in non-designated landing zones around spawn will most likely result in a kick.            Repeated crashing or abandoning choppers is not permitted.        Keep an eye on your gunners and respond immediately when asked by admins as to who your gunners are.

4.1.5.       Report suspicious activity to an admin            Hacking            Offensive behaviour            Rule breakers

4.1.6.       Have fun and enjoy, for you and anyone around you!



4.2.   I&A Rules


4.2.1.       Upon entering the server you agree to abide by the rules set out any breaking of the rules can result in a kick or a ban.

4.2.2.       Excessive lobby idling is not permitted if you are caught lobby idling excessively a temporary ban will be applied. Repetition of such can result in perma ban.

4.2.3.       Please refrain from using side or global radio channels they do not work and are not required.

4.2.4.       Use chat effectively remember that there are many other players on the server ask yourself do they need to know what you want to communicate? Group or direct may be a better method to tell the people who need to know.

4.2.5.       While we encourage people to play their roles apart from pilots we do not police this strictly. Please play your role but if someone is not doing the same just leave them at it.

4.2.6.      The role of the admin is not to help make the mission easier we will not: teleport you, repair or replace vehicles.

4.2.7.      Please don’t play music through direct.

4.2.8.      If you accidently teamkill you need to apologise and explain yourself by typing in side channel immediately failure to do so may result in punishment. Do this before anything else.



4.3.   Enhanced Server Rules


Again as our enhanced server is a special case there now follows the rules for that server:

4.3.1.       Do not teamkill. This one shouldn’t even be here… ANY type of on purpose teamkilling will not be accepted. IE: Revenge killing, executions, dicking around.            Wrongfully using medical supplies IE. Injecting someone with any sort of drug without a medical need is not permitted.

4.3.2.       Do not dare/antagonize someone to teamkill, and/or create a situation where teamkilling is very likely to happen. (capturing an enemy vehicle and failing to properly notifying your team)

4.3.3.       Listen to the Chain of Command

4.3.4.       Do not type over side chat, global or command.(Unless in an emergency *This does not include questions*). On game nights, if you do this too often, this may result in a kick. X User on side: “Sorry for breaking rule 4. But where is the arsenal box” Is not an emergency. Please use group chat.

4.3.5.       Do not discharge any of your weapons in base on purpose! This includes launchers with their back blast.

4.3.6.       Pilots should not get into jets/helicopters unless told to by Command elements. With the priority being set to transport. This also includes Angel (Which is not a transport helicopter). With no more than 1 pilot for every 8 ground troops.

4.3.7.       Do not use 2 seater aircraft when alone. This means no flying CAS Helicopters solo.

4.3.8.       CAS pilots (Helicopter/Jet) and Tank Crews should be on standby in a safe orbit over/around the AO unless instructed otherwise by command element(Not Squad Leaders). CAS standby and not fire unless told to by command.            Tank crews and Air crews are not permitted to go free for all on AOs.

4.3.9.       Firing 20mm or 30mm cannon can cause server lag issues, so please use them with discretion.

4.3.10.  If you select a role, please play that role. *Please check the useful links section at the bottom for a list of what each role should be using.* By this we mean:        We do not want to see a medic with a DMR and/or AT Launcher.        We also expect you to play as the faction you are. BLUFOR faction gear with BLUFOR and OPFOR with OPFOR. OPFOR does not use AR type weaponry (m4 based weapons) and they do not use MTP/Multicam, DPM or any other NATO used camouflaged clothing.        This rule also covers the amount of gear you carry. Any more than 20 mags is NOT acceptable as you will run out of stamina fairly quickly and endanger the team when you are stationary in an open field.

4.3.11.  The first medic on a scene decides how to treat a patient. Do not run up to a patient and start doing medical stuff without asking the on scene medic first or your squad medic for help first.

4.3.12.  Radios are not for chit-chat. Please keep radio chatter to a minimum. If you have to talk do it LOCALLY.

4.3.13.  The motor pool and spawn area is not for helicopters or jets. Do not land them there. Use the helicopter staging areas. When no helipad is available, land outside base in a safe area. On Fallujah and Panthera please use the taxi-ways and power down once landed to cause as little noise disruption as possible. Landing next to the arsenal box is not acceptable in any circumstance.

4.3.14.  It is not acceptable to arrest (handcuff) anyone for any reason. If you wish to AFK disconnect or return to base. Respawn if you have to. Cuffs will not be used to drag you around.

4.3.15.  Please do not nag moderators/admins or command if you can use CAS. This will only annoy them. Ask once and only once. This also includes the spawning of vehicles. We will not spawn vehicles on demand.

4.3.16.  English only over Radio Comms please. We are an European based community however we ask that users speak English when around others. You’re more than welcome to talk your own language in a private channel or direct chat when not around others.

4.3.17.  Please enter the server from the setup room and not from the lobby of our teamspeak.




5.      Other Games

5.1.    Please follow the respective rule set of every game you play.



6.      Admins


6.1.   Admins, moderators and core staff strive to ensure that as many people as possible have a pleasant experience while at AW. Please heed their advice.

6.2.   The structure of AW is set up roughly as

6.2.1.       Core Staff

6.2.2.       Admins

6.2.3.       Moderators (Enhanced)

6.2.4.       Spartans

6.2.5.       Field Ambassadors

6.3.   Admins are not here to micro manage you will still need to play the game




7.      Bans


7.1.   If you have been banned and feel that the ban was unjust or unfair or simply disagree with the ban then you have the right to appeal on our forums.

7.2.   Ban appeals must be posted in the appropriate section in the correct format before they will be considered.

7.3.   Once banned you cannot be unbanned until a ban appeal has been posted.

7.4.   Bans will not be discussed with non-relevant parties.

7.5.   You must be truthful in your ban appeal if we feel that you are being untruthful or dishonest we will most likely not entertain your appeal or in the case of temporary bans may increase the time that you remain banned.

7.6.   PMing or pestering admins will not help your ban appeal! Appeals will be examined at our pace so you will just have to wait.

7.7.   Punishment not inclusive of bans are non-negotiable. If you have been punished due to behaviour you have no right to any perks to get you to where you were e.g. if you were zapped with lightning by zeus in a vehicle you do not get a replacement.

7.8     My brother/cousin/dog/ goldfish did it is not a valid excuse it’s your responsibility to keep control of your accounts.

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added 1.1.12.       Discussion religion or politics is not forbidden, however if you choose to engage in these topics please understand others differing views.
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