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[1.5 bug]VAS weapon attachments

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Ever since we updated to Arma 1.5, I've been having a rather peculiar issue of VAS not wanting to attach any items to my weapons. Im able to deposit them into my inventory and attach them manually, but not from the VAS selector. 


Im running the pretty standard set of approved mods, just CBA, ST, and Blastcore.


Anyone else having an issue like this within the last day or two?

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I have this issue as well, though it only seems to be affecting certain attachments, I have found that in my old loadouts my suppressors will still be attached, and either the bipod or laser too, I do not recall which. For the time being I have also just been loading a loadout then adding the missing items to my inventory and saving that as a new loadout with a similar name.

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It`s nothing we have done, they might have done that in CBA, not sure.


VAS is an old script, not being kept up-to-date by the author. I would suggest using Arsenal instead.

Ok, but how do you add your mags and stuff in Arsenal and it doesn't seem to let you load your saved loadouts' or am i doing something wrong there?





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