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Gamenight Sat. 29 August


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Hello and welcome to this weeks game-night



We will be playing Silent Extract


On ArmA3 EU#3 MODDED. 

The map is Zargabad


The meet up time will be as follows:


Saturday - 15:30 GMT Mission start



Brief: You and your team must insert into Zargabad and capture an enemy Officer located inside of the mosque.



You will not be allowed to JIP once the mission briefing is over..


Click here to apply for a slot! Failing to do this my mean you are not guaranteed a slot.


I'm stressing that any mucking about while we are doing this event will be met with according punishment for degrading other players enjoyment of the event. Normal EU#3 rules apply


Hope to have a good turn out and I will see you on the battlefield


For info on how to get the mods click here.


Please know that this mission only has room for 12 players

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Too bad for you.. just had the luck to be in the first round. Amazing mission, lots of tension and unfortunately.. lots of friendly blood in the end.. we didn't make it escorting the HVT, captured it successfully, though.. good luck to everyone still attending. AWESOME.

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I was also in the first mission.  We were executing pretty flawlessly through the first few engagements.  And then we had some attrition due to disconnections... two men down due to glitching through stairwells... myself included.  Lots of fun, though!  If one of the EU servers could be set up to run just missions like this, I would totally be in!



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