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Big Ahoy @ All


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Hello i am DerRoteKoyote or in english TheRedCoyote,


I am *hust* years old :D

I am from Austria, carinthia thats in the south near(30-40min car driving) italy and slovenia


Playing the arma game since part one but playing multiplayer first time with arma 2 half or year befor the part 3 release.

I am outing me .. i am a gamepad player :D so everyone now it

Still playing on Eu1 got no time to download the mods for eu3 a 2nd time normal i use playwithsix but that not work so well for this server so i play on eu1 maybe i got time in the near future to download it for the arma sync ....( i have to work so not much time)


I got no favor for a spezial slot for playing but i dont like to be a sniper,marksman...i enjoy the teamplay of the game i dident like the Cod battlefield gameplay to much bum bum respawn every 50sec i see something ratatatata no thx not for me :D


Other games i like mhh..Tropico,Fallout,Total war,Imperium Galactica,C&C,Homeworld,Top Gun the game ;D..Popolus, Black and white, Heros of might and magic ...anno..simcity, settlers, just cause 2 and manny more


My system is a i5 4670k 8gig 1666 ram 2 tera hdd 250 gig ssd geforce gtx 970 4gig (zotac) mainboard asus z87 expert. creativ sound headset wireless 7.1 360 gamepad 50inc 1080p tv screen big couch and a lazy dog ;P


so cyah on the battlefield



    immer wenn du glaubst es geht nicht mehr kommt von irgendwo der Koyote her

                        (When you think you have reached the end of the line, a Koyote will appear from somewhere to show the way)









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