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Creating this on behalf of mr. Bird.


Ingame Name*: Bird

Why do you think you were banned?: TK

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*:
I killed a guy at base who walked on my path. I was trying to overturn a tank with an armoured car.
He accused me of TK, respawned and run to me again and again.
I tried to avoid killing but he simply walked into my vehicle blocking my path for no reason (than to prove 'I'm a TK').
I've spend 10000 hours on this server and I have a clean file. I like to play another 10000 hours without being banned because of some contriver.

Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?: mykeyrm, but he was not online at ahoyworld, I doubt he was in the game.

When were you banned?*: [AhoyWorld.co.uk] EU#1 CO-OP Dedicated AW Invade ... 25 august 2015, around 14:20.


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