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EU3 Event Saturday 22nd


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So this week we've decided to take a break from a weekly gamenight.


Instead we'd like to invite all EU#3 players to help us test a PvP Mission created by Stuffedsheep.

Some of you may of already played this.

However we'd like to test it with as many people as we can get.


The mission is basically a Team versus Team Capture the objective gamemode.

Respawn will be disabled. Once one team is killed or the point captured the round will end.

We will play multiple rounds testing different map types and styles.


Starting time will be 14:30 GMT (15:30 UK / 16:30 Central Europe / 1 hour earlier than normal gamenights)


No signup is required this week just turn up and be patient. However please sign below so we can gauge interest.


The server will be locked round by round.

You will be allowed to join once a round is complete.

Even though this isn't a gamenight normal rules apply.

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