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Reincorporating the Marksman Role


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In my opinion the marksman role should be re added but with a slight revamp there will be a few changes that I think would balance it out. I'll start with the first change removing the word sniper if we removed the word sniper referring to marksman it would be a lot better it could be called Designated Marksman, that being said it would not revolve around .50 cals and heavy duty snipers but more or less a battle rifle class in a way. The class would be used as a "support role" or a scouting role, such as posting up on a building having over watch while a squad pushes up they would clear any infantry that could be a threat to the ground infantry.



That said it would not be a so called sniper more as a aide to the ground forces, the marksman role would have a battle rifle as I said previously and a interchangeable scope so one that is a scope but can quickly change into a short range red dot in a way to kill contacts that approach fast and are close, this being said they are not allowed to stick with the ground forces and spray their M14 etc. 


A common question will often probably be why am I not allowed to be a marksman, I have heard that Ahoyworld EU#3 sometimes has training, even thought I have been on the server for roughly a week I was thinking lets utilize training for something, as a marksman in the army is considered an "Elite" force they will have to undergo training to obtain this "elite" class, as these marksman will obtain the 1 shot 1 kill saying, This being said they will endure training to learn how to become a good marksman weather its zeroing in or being able to adjust to the situation, taking out targets quick any fast, whatever they will be judged by the staff or anyone staff approves of to judge. And maximize their skill to taking out enemy's 




Now who commands this Elite role? Command does the Plat. Co. will order the Elite class to go anyone he decides, the plat co can not demand the marksman class to go with infantry or any ground force they are strictly to provide over watch and scout for enemy's. That being said I would like to go to my previous paragraph and continue on that I recently watch this show on Netflix called Top Shot and it was a competition to see who was the best at shooting all sort sof different guns people could say why don't we just have a competition I feel like "Luck" could get the best out of it so I would advise doing "tryouts" to maximize the skill setting, Yes people might have an advantage but I feel like those people with an advantage would be more useful then having someone who has no skill in sniping and making the ground forces more unsafe. 


Now this marksman role would be more then a lone wolf class some people say it would also require a spotter, I recently saw the spotting scope in the arsenal and I thought that we could utilize that and some other things, The marksman role would require a spotter at all times as in the real army marksman do have spotters telling them the range and if they were high or low or they hit their target, this would create a more realistic setting then a solo lets say YOLO role where they spray something and hit it after 10 bullets they will utilize every shot to make sure its a hit. 


I feel like this would be a good idea because from personal experience on EU#3 I have seen many enemies pop their head up from a building and kill/wound 2 or 3 soldiers this would Maximize safety. Now as I said previously again I said Command positions them, the marksman role would not be a go happy killing class it would be a subtle class that takes out enemies that might endanger other soldiers and vehicles, they could kill RPG soldiers and so forth.  


What weapons will the Marksman class Use in my opinion they should mainly use more of a standered battle rifle round so 7.62x51 nato round which is a fairly strong round it will usually kill anything 1 shot in the chest. So that being said they will use the 

FAL, M14, Any M14 variant and the G3 or whatever. 


That being said they will mostly be used for a situation such as There a guy with a RPG aiming at the MRAP marksman can quickly set up and take a shot to prevent the MRAP from going down.




This being said I would love to see the marksman role reincorporated and no, its not because I want to be a sniper I actually have no interest in doing that I just feel like it would be cool to see that added to get a more realistic feel and safe feeling from it 


Don't feel obligated to add it, it's just a suggestion. Thanks for reading :)

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When following your suggestion for that separate sniper team with a marksman and a spotter, I wonder who is carrying the long range radio along with the duties associated to that and who of them is marking the enemy on the map, the spotter or the designated marksman? I see senpai doing all the hard work on the map and LR, while the protégé is using the big rifle. Do I see this right?


You've probably not seen it, there was a marksman role in the alpha, bravo and charlie teams on EU#3 before.


Personally, I found it depressing to fill that role, because most of the time the squad and team leaders were not willing to to use the radio, which would have allowed a separated position, even in the range of only a SR radio. Furthermore, the reduced load resulting from their designation to the role, which meant no backpack, together with the high range of engagement of the rifles allowed in the riflemen and other classes, made this an underprivileged and handicapped role for me. Usually, I was either scolded and then forgotten or ignored for moving on my own discretion (falling behind, taking overwatch positions, announcing targets...), or killed quickly, due to reduced armor when moving close to the team.


And I can tell you, even if that doesn't strike you, there are few things more depressing than "being told" by your SL/TL to take out enemies from 100m with a rifle configured for a range of engagement of 600m, disallowing you to take them out from a proper distance, because their fellow riflemen then don't have "anything to shoot at".


On that new Panthera map I had a few locations in some missions in the mountains, where a seperate sniper team would have been nice to have. However, there have been other missions, where that didn't make a lot of sense to me.


What I would like to see in those missions, where a sniper team sees little use, is the sniper team getting ready quickly, to go to a forward position using a separate vehicle or helicopter insertion and with a fire if fired upon ROE doing some recon map work.

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I say the hole training this is little em... far fetched?

I see a lot of people asking for marksmen or snipers and yes full out 50.cal snipers ARE a little OP.


I would suggest putting, as mentioned, a normal recon team in. A 4 man squad or something that pack light and have a marksmen. (aka. a Infantry with a 7-something mm rifle and a corrseponding LR scope). And if we are feeling really generous , throw a Demo Expert in to the mix.


Anyway I think that;s a nice compromise and I would rather play that then a attached marksmen to a normal squad that is in medium/close range in the middle of the AO. 


My opinion to this,



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