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Making Gamenight Missions

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So, i have some questions. I'm trying to make a mission for gamenight, and want to know some things: like which script is used for the dead spectating, TS3 TFAR settings, and setting up zeus. I may post more as i come up with them. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks :D


Edit: also, if anyone has any map ideas or whatnot, i'd be happy to hear them.

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Map suggestion: Zargabad. Love this map. Lots of destructible, different to each other, irregular buildings in the city centre, an airfield, several dispersed small and medium sized civilian and military objectives, varying landscapes around the city, got quite high framerates, medium size, still good for platoon size operations.


TFAR: place a TFAR module in ZEUS and test it.. I think that's used to implement the locked channel for player isolation. Found it pretty straightforward, when looking at the TFAR module options. I don't know how the spectating is implemented in the gamenights, looks like a ZEUS interface with reduced resources/privileges.


Btw. I've been playing around with the ALiVE modules and the EU#3 modset, specifically its RHS parts, together on this map. Be aware, once you want multiplayer coop (or even PvP), you'll quickly run into the architectural limitations of the game implementation, which are determined mostly by an older kind of multiprocessing paradigm, which was used to implement the game and is known to have issues when scaling over the amount of hardware resources present in modern PCs. Result for me was, when setting it up straightforwardly, I quickly noticed stutter, framedrops and whatnot increasingly unpleasant and gamebreaking performance issues during gameplay. As soon as you have a worthy number of AI on the map along with a few human players, you will realize you need a dedicated server and you realize you will need to run AI in the headless client, to reduce the server's process load to the absolute minimum possible.


I noticed all that while my hardware was busy with max 10% and not using more than 1 of 16 GB RAM for Arma 3. Your mileage may vary on this.. Google was pretty helpful on this during the past two weeks of vacation I kept trying out different mods that I didn't see on EU#3, yet.


"The knowledge of SQF is less that of a scripting language and more like the shared oral history of a tribe. If it doesn't doesn't get passed on from member to member it will die." (quote found here: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/177206-vcom-ai-driving-mod/?p=2782365)


When you look at the EU#3 modset, that you have on your disk, you'll notice DAC. I'll invite you to have a look at it for using it in your mission. Maybe it's not a secret to tell it's one of the reasons for the excellent game performance you will have certainly noticed during the gamenights. I remember when asking the developers of the AhoyWorld Gamenights more specific questions about mission editing, they were always friendly and helpful.


Just be mindful that one should respect what they do as art - and the bad artist copies, while the good artist steals. I'm sure you'll consider this, as soon as you will realize how much work must be behind these gamenights, like I did in the past two weeks.


I think, it's not possible for me to just make a mission quickly with a 9to5 job, yet. I'm too new to this, still. A good mission is prevented by the smallest bugs. I guess it's 50% work to make things move like you want in the mission and 50% work to polish that. I've not even reached 30% of that in a week of editing and testing with a few players. Just realized a few of the caveats others have noticed already long ago..


However, I welcome small scale coop missions for lower number of players, like some from the workshop, might be good as a template. It's way more enjoyable to play them with real human figthers, than with AI. My resources are limited, still will help testing and play it. I remember you to be one of the more thoughtful while still aggressive players.. I'd like to see that performing with a few other human players against the Vcom AI, because it's so damned hard to win against this AI, when you're alone and no one is securing the flank. So my scope changed, currently I'm trying to take a prefab multiplayer coop mission from the workshop and make that polished with some mods and Vcom AI. And no, the hassles of distributing that mod part to the players.. "my TFAR isn't working" ... and "I can't get into the server though I have all the mods" problems.. it takes a while to solve those, so that polishing is a main factor to make it a good experience for everyone and it will most certainly make sure you're not being able to play yourself, once you're the mission maker. I didn't find anything that could be skipped in this. I hope my report of these experiences is not discouraging enough to keep you from doing it. Because I never finish any projects I begin, I'm looking forward to play yours.

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