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CBA up to date?

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Hey all


New to Ahoy, not new to modded servers. You guys run great missions :)


I was wondering if your CBA in your repository is up to date? It seems to clash with the CBA I use on other servers which I believe are using the most up to date version.


Thanks - see you in-game!



Ps. It's a shame you don't use PlayWithSix anymore!



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Ps. It's a shame you don't use PlayWithSix anymore!


I can't count how often it crashed, clogged my line with downloading advertisings I was unable to block without advanced fab between it and the Internet. Guess it was a malware attack vector, as well. It was horrible.. from the start. Must have been drunk or hoplessly in despair when I installed it. Did you ever have a look at Arma3Sync? It does not have all those uglynesses of the PwS client, that I was suffering from on a daily basis. I wouldn't say Arma3Sync and its use was free of issues, it's software, too, after all - still not missing PwS and will give it a wide berth anytime in the future.

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