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Anyone else like doing this?


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Anyone else enjoy messing around in the editor? I once spent a whole 3 hours furnishing a cargo HQ, never finished it though.


5cgwfVmm.jpg    Ge16XmVm.jpg


oyE7GXrm.jpg    yFgV29vm.jpg


Something I've been working on more recently is walling off the southern peninsula on Altis


eQmK4ZTm.jpg    fSusT9ym.jpg


8JUmobWm.jpg    QKLgsLEm.jpg


Anyone else have any cool editor projects they've been working on? (Besides the next version of Invade and Annex :P)

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Not sure if getting it right.. no I don't like to do this. Tedious creative work, which I hate. I prefer enjoying the results from others. Still here is something I found recently. Maybe you enjoy having a look at the prefab compositions available in the Ares ZEUS mod. Btw. with Ares you can create sqm by copy and paste.





The compositions I'm referring to are shown in this video from Luetin, starting roughly at 2min 30sec:

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