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Hello Everyone from a new pilot


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Hi Everyone, I'm Bradders.  Fairly new to Arma 3, but love flight sims(big into DCS), so very much into piloting choppers(plus I'm not a very good shot yet)  A few of you may have seen me on the non-modded server over the last few days.  Sorry for any crashes; they weren't on purpose I assure you. I'm an old hand at MMOs, as I go back as far as being a veteran Ultima Online player. Now I'm showing my age.


Would like to get on the modded server too, but have limited space on my Bootcamp drive on my Mac for mods.  Trying to think of a way around it, possibly run Arma on an external SSD?  Give me your thoughts if you have any.

See you in there.


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It's been working for me ever since to put the mods into other directories than the ubiquitous "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3". The ones for EU#1 are in "C:/somewhere" and those for EU#3 in "C:/somewhereelse". Altogether that's about 34 GB here, right now.. but then again.. it seems to me that ArmA3Sync doesn't delete stuff, that's not relevant anymore. Maybe that old stuff I seem to have there is still in the repository, I didn't check that. You might end up with less data.


In ArmA3Sync, which I prefer to synchronize the mods with the repository, you add the locations you have your mods in to "Addon Options", there "Addon Search Directories". My ArmA3Sync then found all my mods, after adding those directories, where I had put them. It also seems capable of updating them there.


I don't see reasons why this couldn't be a directory on a different device, as well.


With regard to Arma 3 itself, I don't see reasons to put mods in different locations than the main directory, where you have the game, when you bought it on Steam. Even the BIS launcher for Arma 3 has a button for this, where you can add mod locations, which are different to the default.

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