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Hey all


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I am Andyb aka Irishwolf

Games i play mostly are

Some grid 2/Auto and dirt  

Arma 2/3 incl most mods

like full on tactical play style mostly From back in 27thSM (Started get fecked off with my uber lol amd proc killing my Game

on Intel chip and ssd so frames way better

also play some BF4 too


anyways about eh

40 year old gamer

work in tech support (and no im not a cold caller :D )

in 27thsm i got to the rank of cpl and was on admin dutys for their AW missing server

i use to run a Celts server with Ahoy mission also Epoc/DayZ mod


so there ya go


Cya in the field


Andyb aka irishwolf

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