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Weather randomization

Denis P


It's a clear and sunny day. Which is usual. "Why is the weather always like this?" I ask myself, looking down on the ground below, as the Huron I'm boarded onto flies swiftly through the air, making everyone nearby aware of its presence with its huge tandem rotors swirling above it, aiding it in moving forward at such a pace.


The helicopter slows down, approaching a poorly decided LZ as IT COMES UNDER FIRE BY ALL KINDS OF SHIT, barely dodging a MISS-ile flying above it as it touches the dirt, the boarded squads quickly disembarking, spreading out to cover their sectors, then moving towards the AO as the helicopter flies off again.


I, our hero, the very brave UAV Operator, decide to follow behind a small squad of nimrods seeming more disorganized than the film crew on a Marvel movie set. Then, as we're all marching forward, THERE'S A SUDDEN CHANGE IN WEATHER, CREATING A HUGE FUCKING OVERCAST WITH LOTS OF FOG! Our hero smiles with joy, the environment finally posing a real challenge. Naturally, one of the Snipers start complaining over side chat, and our hero gives him a well-needed lesson in sniping, to which he just whines over, not realizing that this is a MILSIM, and not your average FPS with quick-scoping.


The squad and I, taking the weather into account, move forward... THEN SUDDENLY THE ENEMY START RAINING DOWN A SHITSTORM OF MORTAR SHELLS ON US! A few get killed off, but the rest of the squad and our hero move forward, not letting this bring us down, moving on without any fear in our hearts.


We take cover in the swamp, until not more than a minute later, over the radio, a man calls "LOOK UP!". Automatically complying, we see GOD KNOWS HOW MANY PARATROOPERS. Though unfortunately, they keep us distracted long enough for a Recon force to ambush us, taking out every last man of the squad and I.


The end.


So anyway, after yesterday's barrel o' fun, I was thinking about having the weather randomize when every AO is complete, so that people have to account for it for the next AO. I believe this would give players a good challenge, and it is in my opinion something that should be considered.


Any thoughts? Ways to improve the idea? Give input!

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It was already disscussed, the weather scripts usually bring down performance if ran for more than a couple of hours.


Sometimes, you`ll see Zeus change the weather a bit, but not often.

Surely something can be done to optimize it though? Maybe not having an entire company in every single AO would work? :)

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